Imagining Life in a Smaller Body

The psychologist at the Weight Center asked me how I imagine life in a smaller body.  I honestly didn’t know how to answer at the time, but now I’ve got a list!

Life in a Smaller Body

  • Not worrying that my butt is too big for a seat on the train
  • Wearing cute bras without the underwire poking me to death
  • Being able to climb a set of stairs without wanting to die
  • Taking long walks without my back/hips/knees/feet complaining
  • Wearing cute shoes without my feet complaining
  • Having a healthy pregnancy and child when husband and I are ready (not now)
  • Being able to cross my legs comfortably
  • Having more energy
  • Being able to walk down the aisle of the commuter rail train without bruising my hips on seat corners
  • Less chafing (please!)
  • Not feeling hot/gross/sweaty all the time

I’m sure I’ll add more to this as time goes on, but this is what I’ve got for now.  

One thought on “Imagining Life in a Smaller Body

  1. You already know that I understand everything you are writing because I have walked this journey ahead of you. I do feel compelled to tell you……as your mother……..You were beautiful before… will be beautiful later……but most of all…you are beautiful right now. Hugs. Mom


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