My Current Obsession: Protein Edition

As a gastric sleeve post-op making sure I get enough protein is one of my top priorities.  How do I do that? I’m glad you asked because I’m dying to share it with you!

  • Eat protein first.  When I put food on my plate I put a protein source and a vegetable, then maybe a whole grain.  Even when all three of those things are on my plate I eat the protein first. My protein source is usually chicken, beef, or pork.  Once in a while, I have either fish or an egg instead. My snacks are usually string cheese, yogurt, or cottage cheese. If I’m on the go and need something it’s usually a protein bar, but more on that later.
  • A protein shake a day.  My go-to premade shake is from Premier Protein.  There are 160 calories, 30g of protein, and just 1g of sugar per shake.  I enjoy all the flavors, but lately, I’ve been pouring my morning coffee over ice and then adding the caramel flavor.  They’re available in a lot of stores, but I tend to buy them on Amazon. Click here to find a good deal on a 12 pack.  My go-to powder is  Celebrate Protein Shake 20.  It’s 90 calories, 20g of protein, and 1g of sugar per serving.  I found it on the Bariatric Pal website. You can order it in a 15 serving pouch here.
  •  A protein bar for a snack on the go.  I keep a protein bar in my bag no matter where I go.  It keeps me out of junk food when I need an afternoon snack.  Finding the right protein bar for you can be hard. It took me a while to find one with the right texture and taste.  I don’t like bars that are too dense or mealy. My absolute favorite is from BariatricPal, Peanut Butter and Jelly flavor.  There are 170 calories, 12g of protein, 16g of carbs, and 8g of sugar per bar. Not bad! You can find them here.

If you’ve been looking for good protein supplements, I hope this helps!  These work well for me and they keep me on track with my new, healthy lifestyle.  

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