The Good Ol’ Hamster Wheel

Have you ever felt like you’re on one of those hamster wheels? Like no matter how hard and how fast you run you don’t actually get anywhere?  That’s exactly how I’m feeling right now. Don’t get me wrong, I know that I’ve made a lot of progress. I’m stronger both physically and emotionally.  I’m certainly healthier than I was this time last year.

My career is what seems to be stuck.  I commute nearly an hour each way, work my tail off every day, and still have trouble making ends meet.  Quite frankly, it’s starting to make me angry and I don’t do anger very well. Or at least I haven’t in the past.   It used to turn straight to anxiety which turned into an insatiable hunger. I’m trying to turn it into something productive now.  So, what can I do to make that happen? Here is my list so far:

  1. Acknowledge the anger.  This is often the most difficult part for me.  I had to learn that anger is not dangerous, even though it feels dangerous sometimes.  
  2. Define the reason for the anger.  Even though I often think it’s unreasonable to be angry quite the opposite is true.  If I’m angry there is a good reason for it whether it’s because I’ve been treated unfairly or something I’ve worked for didn’t work out or I just plain didn’t get what I wanted.  
  3. Can I do anything about it?  After I define the reason I ask myself this very important question.  If the answer is no, I take a walk or pull out a craft project to work on or listen to some calming music.  If the answer is yes, I move on to brainstorming solutions. That’s the stage I’m in right now. I usually make a list of possible solutions or free write until a solution presents itself.  



How do you handle that stuck feeling?  How do you handle emotions like anger? I’m curious!


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