3 Reasons to Put the Scale Away

Confession time. I am really frustrated with my body right now. My weight is up. I’m struggling with emotional eating. My lower back and hips bother me most of the time. It’s frustrating, but do you know what will only make it worse? Stepping on the scale.

Now, I know what you’re going to say. “But Kathryn, stepping on the scale is necessary. You have to know how much you weigh so it can motivate you to do better!”

Wrong! Here is my list of reasons to put the scale away.

  1. Weight fluctuates. We may be eating right and exercising, but that doesn’t mean the number on the scale won’t go up. In fact, it’s normal for weight to fluctuate by a few pounds. So the number we see doesn’t necessarily reflect the healthy choices we’ve made.
  2. It can negatively impact our mood, and therefore our choices, all day. If we don’t like what we see on the scale, it puts us in a bad mood. And what do a lot of us do when we’re upset? Eat! The food we eat to comfort ourselves will definitely not help matters on the scale. So when we weigh ourselves again, the number will be up. Do you see where I’m going with this? It can start one big, unhealthy cycle that is very difficult to break.
  3. Weight is just a number. It does not tell the whole story. It doesn’t say how healthy we are (or are not). It doesn’t always reflect our choices.

So if we don’t use the scale, how can we measure our progress? We can ask ourselves some questions. Do I have more energy? Is my overall mood better? Do my clothes fit better? These are all much better indicators of our overall health than a number on the scale.

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